How I got robbed of my first kernel contribution


Around a year and a half ago, I’ve asked my former company for some time to work on an issue that was impacting the debugging capabilities in our project: gdbserver couldn’t debug multithreaded applications running on a PowerPC32 architecture. The connection to the gdbserver was broken and it couldn’t control the debug session anymore. Multiple people have already investigated this problem and I had a good starting point, but we still weren’t sure in which software component the issue lied: it could have been the toolchain, the gdbserver, the Linux kernel or the custom patches we applied on top of the kernel tree. We were quite far away from finding the root cause.

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Hello, Rust!

The majority of my professional experience is with the C programming language. However, one year ago I’ve joined Cisco where I’ve started working on a FUSE filesystem implemented in Rust.

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